... We thought, Why not make it a collboration where we can identify needs in the Kenya community.  Where we can work on solutions that can be implemeted..." -Curtis Cook -Summit Technology Academy, Lee's Summmit MO.



Lee's Summit R7 School District

KenMo Project 

  • The University of Central Missouri (UCM) and Summit Technology Academy are partnering with Digloso, a global technology company, to foster collaboration and innovation by working with students, community organizations, businesses, and government agencies in Kenya and Missouri. Known as KenMo, the program is launching this fall. It will operate out of the UCM Gigabit Lab, located at the university’s Lee’s Summit campus.
  • This is a virtual collaboration between Global Classroom Exchange (GCE), University of Central Missouri (UCM), Summit Technology Academy of the Lee’s Summit R7 School District, and students in Kenya and Africa.   Using a collaborative platform (software and online services) will allow the students in different locations to work together in real-time—create opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, to interact with others.  In this environment, students will collaborate across time zones and multilingual contexts on group projects, quickly crowdsourcing topics and potential content, co-constructing plans, establishing timelines, and rapidly implementing approaches.  Read more about KenMo....